Excuse me what’s that? It’s not morning? It’s 8pm EST. Okay okay okay you’re right but whatever (jeez you guys are so friggin nitpicky but I LOVE yous!). Regardless it IS time to wake up!!! The first day of Spring has come and gone and although here on Long Island we’ve rolled back to frigid winter temps, IT’S TIME TO AWAKEN!

The clocks have rolled back an hour and the extra sunbeams are absolutely rejuvenating! It truly is almost as if I’ve hibernated for the winter. I haven’t blogged and for that my deepest apologies. I did have a few adventures that I will get to shortly in upcoming posts. But this one is just to say IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK and I hope ya’ll are back with me.

Okay so now together lets all stand up. Seriously….no…seriously. I know you’re 99% probably reading this on your mobile device thus you can stand up if you aren’t already       -_- (I see you…stand up…ahhh good!)

Yes, this is my picture. Taken with my phone. No filters needed MoNay is killin’ it! (For those of you that are new to this blog “MoNay” is Mother Nature, just tryin to keep it hip for the kids nah mean?)

Let’s all take a deep breath in, stretch out our arms, reach to the sky, get up on our tip toes, eyes up to the sky and….EXHALE slowly! Thank you. Thank you Universe for granting us all today and for all of us being so incredibly blessed!!

As I said before and I’ll say it again, “GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!”

Cheers to 2017! Let’s do this!

Peace love and adventures


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