Wander What?





Where were you? Yes, this year. Where were you? Think about it and while you do I will tell you where I was. I was in Brooklyn, N.Y. with a darling friend of mine, Kristin. I admit, I was a bit hesitant to be “in the city” as some Long Islanders say (basically anywhere west of Nassau County is “in the city” if you don’t venture westward too often). But we had made the plans to go to this event and I wasn’t going to let myself get in my way nor was I going to let my friend down. Little did I realize how incredibly life changing one small event could be.



What is Wanderlust? Well let me tell some things first and then I’ll get to Wanderlust. I was at Kristin’s house for a barbecue her and her husband, Tommy, were hosting and she said to me, “oh did you go!?!”  I looked at her like she had 100 heads. I replied, “go where?” She mentioned my shirt. The shirt I was wearing (same one I’m wearing in the photo above) said “Wanderlust.” I let her know I’d never heard of it but I got my shirt from Target 🙂 (Shout out to Target!)

Fast forward a month or so and she posts on FB saying she’s going to Wanderlust 2016 in Brooklyn who wants in? Naturally I jumped on that! I wanted “in.” I mean I had the shirt pshhhh. But on a more serious note I wanted to start doing things outside of my comfort zone. That means going to an event I’ve never heard of, in a place I’d never normally go to hang out. The past few years of my life the need for me to be in control has spiked. This stems from events in my past where I had no control and everything went to hell in a hand basket.  I have to know who/what/where/when to be 100% comfortable. But in this case, I threw that to the wind and said “let’s make a day of it. Let’s do this!” The comforting thing is Kristin is awesome. She’s sweet, funny, calm, caring and I’m extremely comfortable around her. She’d also never been to Wanderlust before so we were both first timers.

What is the Wanderlust Festival? Well, it’s a bunch of things. It’s a 5k. It’s a 75 minute mass yoga practice finished off with a half hour session of guided meditation. It’s a Spiritual Triathlon (Mind, Body & Soul). There are also other activities such as aerial yoga, hula hooping and a whole bunch of vendors selling kool “ish.” When you buy your ticket you can choose which events to participate in. We opted for the full tri.

The 5k around Prospect Park was…..HOT! We had beautiful weather but the majority of the course was in the sun and woooooooweeeeee it was hot! I did my best to keep up with Kristin (because she’s an amazing runner and I’m just a wanna be). It’s because of her that I ran my fastest mile and got all sorts of PRs (personal records).


Once we ran through the finish line we fueled up with some water and also found an Italian ice saleslady. She was like an angel of icy goodness. I didn’t care if she charged me $100 I was getting that rainbow Italian ice!!!!

Gimme all ya ice!

After our brain freezes it was time for yoga. Let me start by saying Kristin is a COMPLETE gem and agreed to leave for Brooklyn super early so we could get there, find parking and scope out the area. Little did she know this was also easing my extreme lack of control anxiety. (Thanks girl!) So since we got to Prospect Park SO early, we were able to set our mats down right in front of the stage. This yoga was nothing like I’ve ever done before. Our teacher for the event was MC Yogi. (Ughhhh he’s so good!!!!) It was yoga with a DJ.

Don’t mind the butts lol! Dj Sol Shine and MC Yogi killin it!

I wish I could upload my SnapChat story of this day. There were THOUSANDS of people doing yoga together/dance party/yoga/dance party.

The MOST downward dogs behind me. I should’ve did a panoramic picture…..hindsight -_-

The ENERGY that I was feeling from all of these people was incredible! Amazing vibes! After yoga/dance party (you have to go to experience this – nothing but smiles on everyone’s faces!) it was time to bring it down, to settle back into ourselves. It was time for meditation led by Josh Corda of Dharma Punx.

If you’ve meditated before you know how powerful it can be when it’s just you, alone. Now imagine participating in a guided meditation with THOUSANDS of people. Yea! That vibe that I mentioned before was amplified 100 fold. This is where the spiritual part of my triathlon hit me like a ton of bricks. This is what ran through my head and this is what I posted on my FB page so it may look familiar:

“15 years ago…I will never forget. I will remember 9/11/2001 everyday of every year for the rest of my life. However the way I choose to honor all those that lost their lives, those that ran towards instead of away and the those we called brothers and sisters will be by spreading love everyday to the best of my ability. Today I spent the day in Prospect Park with thousands of others sending out love and positivity. 9/11 was discussed and remembered in a huge out pouring of love. Reflecting on how we all came together as a city, state and nation. A message was sent out of that park today that we will never stop loving and living. With all the insanity going on in the world, never forget how we came together. Thank you Kristin for being my partner of positivity, reflection and love today. This is who we are. We are love.”

As I lay there (I chose to lay down after a bit to fully let my body sink into the Earth), hearing planes flying overhead, listening to Josh Corda’s words,

I let go.

Tears streaming quietly from my eyes, down my temples and into my hair. I can only describe the emotions running through me as overwhelming love. It was so much love in that moment, pouring out of each and every one of us, I felt it flowing through me. I reached out for my friends hand and held it until the meditation was finished. I know she felt it too.

Okay okay okay okay okay. Shake it off! Woo that was intense. At least for me it was even writing about it.

Now that our Minds, Bodies and Souls have been exercised there was one more thing on my “to do” list…………


I could die and go to Heaven now. I will admit this, I’ve never had Brooklyn pizza before. In my 33 years on Earth, never. Can I tell you something? It really is DELICIOUS! There is a difference between Long Island pizza and BK pizza. I will drive out to BK and house a slice or 5 with anyone anytime. Feel free to text, email, chat, call, FB message, mail me a letter if you wanna go.

On that note, that concludes my adventure.

Now…I ask you again…September 11, 2016 where were you?

Peace, love and adventures.



One thought on “Wander What?

  1. Rene

    I’m so glad you had an awesome adventure, especially on that particular day! May we all never forget! , as for me I always try and take a moment of space for myself at 9:46am and remember and Pray, and most times cry… I thank God for all of us for coming together to try and help and heal each other! If only the world could be that way each and every day!!! Wow how great would that be😃 I look to you thank you for trying to bring that out in all of us! ❤️Xo


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