Did you see that?!

It was a run by blogging!

Alright listen up you piranhas, I’ve been having a major lack of awesomeness A.K.A. writer’s block when it comes to a certain post I’ve been working on for a while. That being said here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ to keep ya’ll amused while I work out this block.

About a month ago I visited Kent Falls in Connecticut. Since the park was so small and I had time left I looked for another adventure before heading home. The next stop is a place my little brother recommended. While I was noshing on some really horrible food at a local “deli” in Kent (you know it’s bad when the chicken tastes like tuna) my little brother suggested heading about an hour more north to check out some more falls.

Take it all in. This is one hell of a beautiful world.

Whelp little bro, I heeded your recommendation and Bash Bish Falls  was my next stop.

The name in itself had me intrigued. HOW? WHO? WHY? Why Bash Bish? I did some interwebz searching and here’s what I found. Bash Bish Falls is named after a beautiful Mohican named….Bash Bish (surprise!). She was accused of adultery, a crime punishable by death. Now back in the day it wasn’t a simple bing bang boom ya dead. Noooooo. If this story is to be one for the books let’s make sure we kill her dramatically. Bash Bish was sentenced to death via being tied up and placed in a canoe then pushed over the brink of the falls. BUT the moment the tribe was about to tippy tap the canoe right over, a mist rose up from the gorge and butterflies appeared circling around Bash Bish’s head.While everyone was confused by what was happening Bash Bish broke loose and threw herself into the gorge never to be found.

Bash Bish had a daughter, White Swan, who grew up to marry the chief’s son. She wasn’t able to have children and became depressed. White Swan would go to the same place her mother died and she’d dream that Bash Bish suggested to join her and leave the sorrow of life behind. One day White Swan couldn’t take the sadness any longer and leapt into the gorge plunging to her death. Her husband had just come to offer her a gift and saw it all happen. Without thinking he dove after her, also plunging to his death. White Swan’s body was never recovered but her husband’s was. The Mohicans believe that White Swan was united with her mother. To this day hikers report seeing a shape of a falling woman within the falls water.

WOAH! Dude. Seriously. Woah.

This place was pretty neat. Another little slice of heaven. It was a straight up and straight back down type of situation from where I parked. I had no prior information about this park so I didn’t know anymore other than park, walk up, check out the falls, walk down, go home. (Plus it was getting late and I still had to drive home)

It’s a very short walk, 3/4 of a mile…per the sign.

Okay, Sign. Thank you.

Along the way there are a bunch of signs saying “no swimming.” As you all know this clearly means “HEY EVERYONE! COME PUT YOUR BODIES INTO THIS WATER!” Okay I broke the rules too. I have this thing, whenever there is running water I NEED to be in it. Had I been more prepared I would’ve had my bathing suit with me.

I’ll have you know that it was FREEZING! The water was SO cold! So I was happy to put back on my socks and sneakers and head back up the trail. Which by the way was extremely clear and very easy to walk up.


Although this was only a 3/4 mile walk half way you cross the boarder from New York into Massachusetts.


It made the trip worth wild to be able to say oh yea today I went from NY to CT and then to MA. Boom! Gypsy life! I’ll cut to the chase, atop the trail were….


Eh hem, so much for those “No Swimming” signs. This place is a huge swimming hole. I couldn’t take pictures because every single person was in a bathing suit on the rocks. I was already the only wierdo with a camelback backpack, tank, shorts, high socks and trail sneakers. EVERYONE ELSE WAS IN A BATHING SUIT! Even this woman in her 70’s was just straight up in her granny panty NUDE underwear! I thought she was naked! So after spending 5 minutes checking out the falls and feeling like all eyes were on my creepy azz, I bounced.

Whelp Massachusettes, it’s been real. Peace!

On the way back down the trail the majority of the people going up kept asking me how much further. (It was a fairly steep trek up) I kept telling them, “Uhm..you’re almost there…probably another mile and a half.” You guys should’ve seen the look on their faces. Mwahahahahahahahaha (You better click that link!)

You guys didn’t think I’d forgotten the map now did you?!?!?!

Thanks for being patient for this post! I’m working on the next post as we speak. It should be ready in a few days! Until next time….


Peace, love and adventures!










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