A Day of Falls….

Okay okay I know I know! It’s Wednesday! I’m writing this and I told you guys that it’d be ready on Tuesdays by midnight. Well I am soooooorry however I did not want to write an entry when I wasn’t “feeling” it. Then you’ll get some boring, non witty, sub par ramblings that I’ve thrown together. And I want my ramblings to be the MOST par! I don’t want you ever to read anything from here and say “meh…that one sucked.” LOL  I want you guys to always read my blogs and come away with something. Some feeling whether it be a laugh (yea I’ll take just one), a smile, anything. Remember that whole evoking jam I was talking about? (If not you better CATCH UP!) I always want that. Tonight I’m feeling it. So tonight is the night I will share my most recent adventure with you. (Please note it’s now Saturday morning and I am back to feeling this)

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Scene: A large stage with heavy red velvet curtains. Stage is up lit from the pit.

*Curtains pull open. I’m standing center stage with a single spotlight on me and one mic*

This adventure I took alone. I’m not one that likes to do things by herself because I love to share my experiences and see the excitement and light in the other person’s eyes that I’m with.  But I had gotten to a point where I NEEDED to get out. I needed to get out of those 4 walls, out from behind that desk and chair that REALLY hurts my coolie. I needed this alone time, this out.

It’s 6:00am and I’m running around my house trying to remember everything I might need. I have no idea what this place will be like. I just know I saw it online, it’s fairly close and I’m going. I’m driving 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get there but I’m going! I shove a whole bunch of shizzle in a bag, get dressed and in the car I go.

I’m off to Kent Falls in Kent, Connecticut….*elevator music* ……….after some intense chair dancing and very loud terrible singing I am in CT.

Dude! A Giant American flag that lights up at night on the front lawn of a CT FD building. Yes please!
I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day
I mean….seriously. Gorgeous.

It took about 2 hours to get to CT from P-town LI but then another 45 minutes or so to get up into Kent. At one point my Googs Maps was all like “finding location” for a solid 20 minutes. Never in my life have I ever wanted a road map more! I never want to be at the mercy of some stupid piece of technology. How do you think I got around when I was fresh out of high school? ROAD MAPS! Google Maps wasn’t even a thing on a phone! *If she doesn’t know life before Google Maps she’s too young for you bro* And no I didn’t have a GPS. (I’m pissed I sold my Corsica – Google that kids they don’t even make them anymore- with my maps in it! Every trip I’ve ever done plotted out….memmmmories). Either way, I made it.


Here’s something you kiddies should always do before going somewhere….GOOGLE IT and actually read about the place! I just drove a few hours to come to this little state park. I don’t like to plan. I just like to go. Sometimes that isn’t the best but hey whatever. What I am good at is making the best out of situations. So let’s do this.

I pulled into the parking lot and since it was a Friday at 9:30ish am there was no charge. I’ve read online that they charge any where from $10 – $15. Honestly if I were a resident and I was charged $15 for this place I’d be piiiiiiiissed.

Sidenote to canine owners: This place IS dog friendly. You can also have your dog off leash if you want. 

There is a little parking lot that was empty aside from a pick up truck with 2 men in their 70s, dressed in full fishing gear talking about the good ol days. This instantly made me smile.

Picnic area directly in front of parking area


Little walk way into the park. There was graffiti all over it. One of the most prominent ones being “# Not TRUMP.” First of all this is not an electronic device thus your hashtag is rendered useless here. And second how about don’t be a douche. Seriously…don’t.
The inside of the walk over

I don’t understand why they don’t paint over the inside of the barn walk over. It’s covered in graffiti. How much could BROWN paint really be? I don’t know but the view through the windows inside to out was pretty.

After you walk through the barn walk way the falls are right there. It was extremely anti climactic. When I think waterfalls I think massive rock features with thousands of gallons of water overflowing down into a big beautiful pool filled with mermaids. Oh wait…well yea. That’s what I think of.

These falls are more like steps with small pools at each and when the pool overflows it creates the next fall. We had a big rain a few days before so I was hoping that would attribute to greater falls. Not so much.

Here you are. Kent Falls. *weemp womp*
A view from above along the path. Ok ok this is a little better.

Ok ok ok let me be the first to say….there were no mermaids. *sigh* However there were man made steps that lead upwards to get better views of the falls. These views were much better.

The paths were steep. I was thinking of bringing Rufio here however I’m glad I didn’t he wouldn’t have been able to hack the steps. Larger dogs would have no problem but he’s a pug so…there’s that.

Now I had planned for a few hours of hiking some trails so I was ready to go. Got my hydration and my trail shoes and my anti tick ‘Murica socks. Nothing could stop me!

Except for this…


Yep, that’s a road. Why a road you ask? Oh well because the park is right in between some major roads and thus your trails just stop. You don’t even get to go that far. I would say it’s a half a mile TOPS from the falls to this dead end. There was no where else for me to go except back. This is where some planning would’ve really been helpful.

I “hiked” back along the trail and when it split I went upward. The trails were nice and clear. There was this kool rock wall that ran along the trail. It reminded me of something from an old war movie where enemy troops were walking along the trail and then HIYA American troops jump the wall and attack. A great battle ensues and of course we win because….well….’Murica.


Upward also led me back to the falls. There was no where else to go. There was yet another road that led on to private property that wasn’t even somewhere I could wander into “unknowingly” as it was legit someone’s front lawn -_-

So I made my way to the creek that started at the top of the falls, crossed and setup shop to meditate, read and relax a bit. Nothing like some Rumi and Flossy to help you go inward.

About this time it was between 11 and 12 and I started to hear more noise. Much more noise. This is the time that the families start coming with their kids. I had my little camp setup on the other side of the creek away from everyone but apparently where I crossed was the opportune path for EVERYONE to cross. I look up and there is a tiny human standing practically on my towel telling me how easy it was for him to cross the creek and how his Dad needs water shoes. I look over and there’s Dad, Mom and little sister all coming across. Ugh. That’s my queue. Seriously though there were SO many other rocks to walk over to make it to the other side but for SOME reason multiple families had zero regard for me and practically stepped on me on their way over. (Not even exaggerating). Remember how I said the park was dog friendly? Please insert 2 medium to large sized dogs per family, off leash, blazing through the creek and over to me to then SHAKE while saying hi. Strange but this I didn’t mind, they were cute and so happy to be playing in the shallow water. After playing with a few of them I packed up my things and headed back across the creek…..


making my way down the steps towards the entrance of the park. What are we missing from this blog entry ladies and gents?!?!?! That’s right! A MAP!

Here’s the area…and zombie me. She follows me everywhere!

This place didn’t GRAB me and give me overwhelming feelings of awe and wonder but all in all it was a beautiful day. The park, although extremely tiny, had it’s charm. If you choose to check it out I recommend getting there before noon and also having other adventure spots on your itinerary for the day as this one will only satisfy a couple of hours. This adventure wasn’t what I thought it would be however I made the best of it and had a delightful morning just the same.

Peace, love and adventures.




2 thoughts on “A Day of Falls….

  1. Rene'

    Nice Pics, looks like a good place to just chill a bit! and yes I Know the feeling of being invaded, doesn’t matter how big the beach is, seems like everyone always has to be right where my lil blanket is!!! Drives me nuts! lol xo


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