Sometimes 1 view will do…

Oooooh boy do I have some adventures coming up for you ladies and gents! Can’t wait!!!

In the meantime this blog post is going to be about a very small place I visited here on the island. I never knew about it (shocker) nor did I think such a tiny trail could pack such a punch.

Let me introduce to you, the David Weld Sanctuary!

This property was donated by Mr. and Mrs. David Weld, two conservationists, between 1969 and 1979. Normally the sanctuary is open from 9am to 5pm or dawn to dusk but be sure to check the times online before going as sometimes the closing time is pushed up to 3pm. I’ve read this is done on occasion to try to stop vandalism such as in the picture below:

Obviously it should say “WELD” but people suck. This is my message to you…DON’T BE A DOUCHE! (also this is not my picture, when I went this hadn’t happened yet)

In looking online I find conflicting information with regards to exactly what town it’s located in. There seems to be a back and forth from St. James to Nissequogue. I’m going to go with Nissequogue just because that’s what the Google machine seems to show. I know you guys are waiting in anticipation sooooo *drum roll* here’s a map:

And look! There’s me! In my kayak! Bahahaha! Kidding I didn’t kayak there BUT what’s a map on this blog without zombie me in a kayak?! IT’S NOTHING THAT’S WHAT!

As you can see this wonderful little gem is tucked away up on Long Island’s north shore directly on the water. (South Shore I promise I’ll show you some love….eventually…step up your game! Pshh). Before I get into the sanctuary itself there’s some information you must know before going.

  1. Parking is free – there is free parking located on Boney Lane. This is where the entrance to the sanctuary is.
  2. THERE’S ONLY SIX PARKING SPOTS! – yep you heard me correctly! SIX! Technically there are 8 (woah let’s not get too crazy) but the 2 additional spots are reserved. Parking around this area is taken VERY seriously. There is ZERO parking allowed ANYWHERE on the street. You 100% will get a ticket if you try your luck. So ask yourself……
  3. Have a plan B – If there’s no parking then it just wasn’t meant to be. Unless you want to chill out a bit and see if anyone  is leaving but then again I’m sure you can find better ways to waste your day other than driving around a snooty north shore neighborhood like….legitimately ANYTHING else.

Moving on…

The trail itself is only a little over a mile and it’s a loop. So if you’re a beginner, just want to go for a nice stroll or legit can’t walk to far this is the perfect little slice of heaven to wander around. (Uhm…beginner? Beginner what Val?! Walker? So I’m assuming maybe you’re a toddler, yes this is the perfect trail for a toddler because you’re just learning how to walk….this is why I shouldn’t blog at night LOL delirium!)

Do NOT bring your toddlers here (or dogs – no dogs allowed) but DO bring bug spray because you will become a smorgasbord for mosquitoes. Or just be sure to go with someone mosquitoes like more than you.

Just like at Buffalo Wild Wings you can sit up high or down low. I chose to stay up high on this little walkabout. The trails weren’t crazy wide or anything. Staying in the middle of the path obviously alleviates the possibilities of crawly creatures using you as a human Uber.

The good news is, since parking is basically impossible there is NO one there. You may bump into one or two people but other than that it’s as if this place is yours! As with all trails it’s important to be very quiet. The sanctuary is packed with wild life.

2015-08-22 14.17.55
This fawn was hanging out in the bush with her mom and other sibling. They didn’t seem to mind me too much.
2015-08-22 15.40.45
A chipmunk just chillin’ checking me out. Weld is not like Morton and this little guy was not looking for sunflower seeds from me…

D.W.S. is a tiny treasure trove of peace and full of different kinds of vegetation. I’ve read online that there is a tulip tree which is the tallest tree recorded on Long Island. I didn’t know this before going there so I have no pics #sorrynotsorry. You’ve also got a red maple canopy (aka big maple trees), with young alders (a flowering plant belonging to the birch family, mainly black birch at the D.W.S.), spicebush, and viburnums (Google this there are many different kinds) making up the lower brush.

Top left: Alders – Black Birch, Bottom Left: Spicebush -Neither of these 2 are my pics but I wanted you guys to get an idea of what’s growing here.

Right – I have no idea but it was pretty so I took a picture of it 🙂

Now if you’re going to stay up top there is one thing that you MUST do. Check out the view!

This is my favorite picture of all time. I’m standing at the edge of a 50ft bluff. It drops straight down and yet I look like I’m standing at the edge of a lake.

Dude, this view is unreal. This looks right out to “Smithtown Bay” *eye roll* Come on…let’s be real, it’s the friggin Long Island Sound. See that land ho straight across? That’s Connecticut. Bada Bing There is a bench conveniently located behind the camera on the right so you can take a seat and enjoy. I did just that while the deer (pictured previously) rummaged through the thick all around. Since there were many flowering plants there were also a ton of butterflies. So have a seat, enjoy the peacefulness and check out that view!

Below there is a beach that you can visit and climb on massive boulders (deposited from receding/melting glaciers – how do you think the hills of the North Shore were created and where do you think all the rocks came from – GLACIERS! Bro get on my LEVEL! I’ll get into that another day). But since I did not visit the beach I will have to go back, adventure and report back to you guys.

Hope you enjoyed this little slice of heaven and plan to check it out yourselves.

Peace, love and adventures!

(If you haven’t read past blogs simply keep scrolling down and catch up! I’m trying to create or figure out how to put in a side menu so hang in there and for now work out your scrolling finger.)

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