Excuse me what’s that? It’s not morning? It’s 8pm EST. Okay okay okay you’re right but whatever (jeez you guys are so friggin nitpicky but I LOVE yous!). Regardless it IS time to wake up!!! The first day of Spring has come and gone and although here on Long Island we’ve rolled back to frigid winter temps, IT’S TIME TO AWAKEN!

The clocks have rolled back an hour and the extra sunbeams are absolutely rejuvenating! It truly is almost as if I’ve hibernated for the winter. I haven’t blogged and for that my deepest apologies. I did have a few adventures that I will get to shortly in upcoming posts. But this one is just to say IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK and I hope ya’ll are back with me.

Okay so now together lets all stand up. Seriously….no…seriously. I know you’re 99% probably reading this on your mobile device thus you can stand up if you aren’t already       -_- (I see you…stand up…ahhh good!)


Yes, this is my picture. Taken with my phone. No filters needed MoNay is killin’ it! (For those of you that are new to this blog “MoNay” is Mother Nature, just tryin to keep it hip for the kids nah mean?)

Let’s all take a deep breath in, stretch out our arms, reach to the sky, get up on our tip toes, eyes up to the sky and….EXHALE slowly! Thank you. Thank you Universe for granting us all today and for all of us being so incredibly blessed!!

As I said before and I’ll say it again, “GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!”

Cheers to 2017! Let’s do this!

Peace love and adventures


Oh Darling You’re GORGE-ous

There is a place in New York that is referred to as “The Grand Canyon of the East!”

With a name like that, how could we not go on an adventure? This is actually the second day of the wondering hiking trip I took to the Finger Lakes with my wonderful girlfriend, Amber. So this blog also goes out to her magical, beautiful, mermaid soul.

First things first:


Time to wake up.


There is NOTHING like waking up to the crisp mountain air, slight chill before the sun comes out and pounds you to death LOL! Seriously though I didn’t want this part to end. Not even knowing what time it was may have been the best part. It was early but that didn’t even matter. Nothing mattered but that moment.

Our campsite was extremely minimal. What we mean by that is, there was nothing setup but the tent and 2 chairs around the fire pit. This gave us the ability to get up and go and not have to worry about anything. Same goes for when we came back. There was no cleaning up or packing whatever that time may have been. For breakfast we had dehydrated meals and instant coffee. I have to say, the meals weren’t bad although I was burping powdered eggs all-day-long. So hot I know. Pshhh!

You may recall the day prior we ventured to Watkins Glen (prior post here). That was magical for sure however this…..THIS place we something else. *Click for effect*  LETCHWORTH STATE PARK! This park was voted Best State Park in the USA for 2015. BOOM BABY! Yea you know this is going to be a good one! *winky face* Honestly I didn’t know anything about it and I’d never heard of it before until Amber brought it up.

It’s another hour and a half or so Northwest  of Watkins Glen, New York.


Enter a caption

Zombie Val’s tan is killer by now! haha…killer…get it… derp

The land was originally called Seh-ga-hun-da, the Vale of the Three Falls. The Upper Falls, Middle Falls and Lower Falls run through the gorge and are each as stunning as the one prior.

Our hike started at the Upper Falls.



We were wondering if the tracks were still active and then “toot toot” there went a train.


I took a picture at the park that describes each of the falls (there was NO way I was going to remember these details):

“At 70ft high, the Upper Falls, is a deep horseshoe shape. The top of the falls is part of the strata named the Nunda Standstone. Similar stone, known locally as Portage Bluestone, was quarried south of Portagebille. In low water you may notice some concrete at the crest of the falls taht was placed tehre in 1878 to slow erosion.”

From The Upper Falls we worked our way down along the gorge to the Middle Falls:




Would ya look at these little nerds ❤ (p.s. I cannot SEE because the sun is legit shooting frikkin laser beams into my eyes)

Middle Falls were awe inspiring. They were massive. By far the largest in person falls I’ve experienced. It’s hard for you to get a good grip on the magnitude of them from these pics. At least that’s what I think *shrug*

“Middle Falls. The largest of the three falls, the Middle Falls is 107 feet high and 285 feet wide. It has changed very little since Letchworth’s time because of its many hard, resistant sandstones. The Senecas believed that this great beauty of Ska-ga-dee, the Middle Falls, inspired the sun to stop at midday in admiration.”

Give me a second so I can just….pick up….*reaching*…. my jaw…hang on..*reaaaaach*….almost got it….ahhh ok. We can move on.

Now I would love to show you Lower Falls however from where we were this lovely gem is out of sight.

“Lower Falls. Around the bend downstream and out of view is the Lower Falls, which is constantly changing because of the softer shales that dominate in the lower canyon erode easily. The harder caprock of the Lower Falls, known as Table Rock, forms dozens of waterfalls on tributaries throughout the park.”

There are many trails that you can…trail..within the park. Different difficulties, different distances, simply plan and choose your trail accordingly. Today we were going to do the yellow trail. A 7 mile hike from the top of the falls to the end of the trail and then back down (I mean we had to get back to the car right?) So 14 miles in total.



When going on a hike like this even if you think “oh it’s no big deal we’re just walking around it’s not like we’re scaling cliffs or crossing rivers.” Doesn’t matter people. You need to be prepared. You need to make sure that you have the right amount of WATER and NUTRITION because with all factors considered (distance, elevation, weather and be sure to even take into consideration your own personal health) you’re going to need it. We actually were sweating so much that we drank all of our water. Thank goodness there was a place half way to refill but man oh man, it was rough for a bit.

All that being said, after we made our way past the lower falls, we still had 12ish miles to go. This is where the beauty of this trail continues. The yellow trail took us along the edge of the gorge the entire time. Any time we wanted to get a peek at incredible views or awe inspiring nature we’d simply look to our right:


Pictures will never do a place like this justice which is why it’s so important to get out there for yourselves and expierence them!

Along with the grand views, we met some little friends along the way:


Would you look at those legs *whistle*


These guys were everywhere. We had to do our best to make sure we didn’t step on them. That’s how many there were. Look how tiny!

There were also incredible colored fungus amongus:

Obviously do not eat these guys (choose the Cliff bar in your pack instead). Whenever it comes to brightly colored objects in nature your best bet is just to keep your hands to yourself. Admiring from afar is plenty good.

Which leads me to my final pic…


You canNOT grasp the magnitude of this place. I was there and the whole time my jaw hung open. It truly is the Grand Canyon of the East. This spot was around mile 5 1/2 – 6 I believe. We could’ve sat here for hours. This day was something I’d never done before. Never visited this park, never trailed 14 miles and I’d never seen anything quite like it.


“God wrought for us this scene beyond compare but one man’s loving hand protected it and gave it to his fellow men to share.”

It is with all my gratitude that I say “thank you.” Thank you to those men and women all across our nation who, way back when, realized the preservation of places such as this would be so immensely important for the future.

Peace, love and adventures.


Wander What?





Where were you? Yes, this year. Where were you? Think about it and while you do I will tell you where I was. I was in Brooklyn, N.Y. with a darling friend of mine, Kristin. I admit, I was a bit hesitant to be “in the city” as some Long Islanders say (basically anywhere west of Nassau County is “in the city” if you don’t venture westward too often). But we had made the plans to go to this event and I wasn’t going to let myself get in my way nor was I going to let my friend down. Little did I realize how incredibly life changing one small event could be.



What is Wanderlust? Well let me tell some things first and then I’ll get to Wanderlust. I was at Kristin’s house for a barbecue her and her husband, Tommy, were hosting and she said to me, “oh did you go!?!”  I looked at her like she had 100 heads. I replied, “go where?” She mentioned my shirt. The shirt I was wearing (same one I’m wearing in the photo above) said “Wanderlust.” I let her know I’d never heard of it but I got my shirt from Target 🙂 (Shout out to Target!)

Fast forward a month or so and she posts on FB saying she’s going to Wanderlust 2016 in Brooklyn who wants in? Naturally I jumped on that! I wanted “in.” I mean I had the shirt pshhhh. But on a more serious note I wanted to start doing things outside of my comfort zone. That means going to an event I’ve never heard of, in a place I’d never normally go to hang out. The past few years of my life the need for me to be in control has spiked. This stems from events in my past where I had no control and everything went to hell in a hand basket.  I have to know who/what/where/when to be 100% comfortable. But in this case, I threw that to the wind and said “let’s make a day of it. Let’s do this!” The comforting thing is Kristin is awesome. She’s sweet, funny, calm, caring and I’m extremely comfortable around her. She’d also never been to Wanderlust before so we were both first timers.

What is the Wanderlust Festival? Well, it’s a bunch of things. It’s a 5k. It’s a 75 minute mass yoga practice finished off with a half hour session of guided meditation. It’s a Spiritual Triathlon (Mind, Body & Soul). There are also other activities such as aerial yoga, hula hooping and a whole bunch of vendors selling kool “ish.” When you buy your ticket you can choose which events to participate in. We opted for the full tri.

The 5k around Prospect Park was…..HOT! We had beautiful weather but the majority of the course was in the sun and woooooooweeeeee it was hot! I did my best to keep up with Kristin (because she’s an amazing runner and I’m just a wanna be). It’s because of her that I ran my fastest mile and got all sorts of PRs (personal records).


Once we ran through the finish line we fueled up with some water and also found an Italian ice saleslady. She was like an angel of icy goodness. I didn’t care if she charged me $100 I was getting that rainbow Italian ice!!!!


Gimme all ya ice!

After our brain freezes it was time for yoga. Let me start by saying Kristin is a COMPLETE gem and agreed to leave for Brooklyn super early so we could get there, find parking and scope out the area. Little did she know this was also easing my extreme lack of control anxiety. (Thanks girl!) So since we got to Prospect Park SO early, we were able to set our mats down right in front of the stage. This yoga was nothing like I’ve ever done before. Our teacher for the event was MC Yogi. (Ughhhh he’s so good!!!!) It was yoga with a DJ.


Don’t mind the butts lol! Dj Sol Shine and MC Yogi killin it!

I wish I could upload my SnapChat story of this day. There were THOUSANDS of people doing yoga together/dance party/yoga/dance party.


The MOST downward dogs behind me. I should’ve did a panoramic picture…..hindsight -_-

The ENERGY that I was feeling from all of these people was incredible! Amazing vibes! After yoga/dance party (you have to go to experience this – nothing but smiles on everyone’s faces!) it was time to bring it down, to settle back into ourselves. It was time for meditation led by Josh Corda of Dharma Punx.

If you’ve meditated before you know how powerful it can be when it’s just you, alone. Now imagine participating in a guided meditation with THOUSANDS of people. Yea! That vibe that I mentioned before was amplified 100 fold. This is where the spiritual part of my triathlon hit me like a ton of bricks. This is what ran through my head and this is what I posted on my FB page so it may look familiar:

“15 years ago…I will never forget. I will remember 9/11/2001 everyday of every year for the rest of my life. However the way I choose to honor all those that lost their lives, those that ran towards instead of away and the those we called brothers and sisters will be by spreading love everyday to the best of my ability. Today I spent the day in Prospect Park with thousands of others sending out love and positivity. 9/11 was discussed and remembered in a huge out pouring of love. Reflecting on how we all came together as a city, state and nation. A message was sent out of that park today that we will never stop loving and living. With all the insanity going on in the world, never forget how we came together. Thank you Kristin for being my partner of positivity, reflection and love today. This is who we are. We are love.”

As I lay there (I chose to lay down after a bit to fully let my body sink into the Earth), hearing planes flying overhead, listening to Josh Corda’s words,

I let go.

Tears streaming quietly from my eyes, down my temples and into my hair. I can only describe the emotions running through me as overwhelming love. It was so much love in that moment, pouring out of each and every one of us, I felt it flowing through me. I reached out for my friends hand and held it until the meditation was finished. I know she felt it too.

Okay okay okay okay okay. Shake it off! Woo that was intense. At least for me it was even writing about it.

Now that our Minds, Bodies and Souls have been exercised there was one more thing on my “to do” list…………



I could die and go to Heaven now. I will admit this, I’ve never had Brooklyn pizza before. In my 33 years on Earth, never. Can I tell you something? It really is DELICIOUS! There is a difference between Long Island pizza and BK pizza. I will drive out to BK and house a slice or 5 with anyone anytime. Feel free to text, email, chat, call, FB message, mail me a letter if you wanna go.

On that note, that concludes my adventure.

Now…I ask you again…September 11, 2016 where were you?

Peace, love and adventures.



Did you see that?!

It was a run by blogging!

Alright listen up you piranhas, I’ve been having a major lack of awesomeness A.K.A. writer’s block when it comes to a certain post I’ve been working on for a while. That being said here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ to keep ya’ll amused while I work out this block.

About a month ago I visited Kent Falls in Connecticut. Since the park was so small and I had time left I looked for another adventure before heading home. The next stop is a place my little brother recommended. While I was noshing on some really horrible food at a local “deli” in Kent (you know it’s bad when the chicken tastes like tuna) my little brother suggested heading about an hour more north to check out some more falls.


Take it all in. This is one hell of a beautiful world.

Whelp little bro, I heeded your recommendation and Bash Bish Falls  was my next stop.

The name in itself had me intrigued. HOW? WHO? WHY? Why Bash Bish? I did some interwebz searching and here’s what I found. Bash Bish Falls is named after a beautiful Mohican named….Bash Bish (surprise!). She was accused of adultery, a crime punishable by death. Now back in the day it wasn’t a simple bing bang boom ya dead. Noooooo. If this story is to be one for the books let’s make sure we kill her dramatically. Bash Bish was sentenced to death via being tied up and placed in a canoe then pushed over the brink of the falls. BUT the moment the tribe was about to tippy tap the canoe right over, a mist rose up from the gorge and butterflies appeared circling around Bash Bish’s head.While everyone was confused by what was happening Bash Bish broke loose and threw herself into the gorge never to be found.

Bash Bish had a daughter, White Swan, who grew up to marry the chief’s son. She wasn’t able to have children and became depressed. White Swan would go to the same place her mother died and she’d dream that Bash Bish suggested to join her and leave the sorrow of life behind. One day White Swan couldn’t take the sadness any longer and leapt into the gorge plunging to her death. Her husband had just come to offer her a gift and saw it all happen. Without thinking he dove after her, also plunging to his death. White Swan’s body was never recovered but her husband’s was. The Mohicans believe that White Swan was united with her mother. To this day hikers report seeing a shape of a falling woman within the falls water.

WOAH! Dude. Seriously. Woah.

This place was pretty neat. Another little slice of heaven. It was a straight up and straight back down type of situation from where I parked. I had no prior information about this park so I didn’t know anymore other than park, walk up, check out the falls, walk down, go home. (Plus it was getting late and I still had to drive home)

It’s a very short walk, 3/4 of a mile…per the sign.


Okay, Sign. Thank you.

Along the way there are a bunch of signs saying “no swimming.” As you all know this clearly means “HEY EVERYONE! COME PUT YOUR BODIES INTO THIS WATER!” Okay I broke the rules too. I have this thing, whenever there is running water I NEED to be in it. Had I been more prepared I would’ve had my bathing suit with me.

I’ll have you know that it was FREEZING! The water was SO cold! So I was happy to put back on my socks and sneakers and head back up the trail. Which by the way was extremely clear and very easy to walk up.


Although this was only a 3/4 mile walk half way you cross the boarder from New York into Massachusetts.


It made the trip worth wild to be able to say oh yea today I went from NY to CT and then to MA. Boom! Gypsy life! I’ll cut to the chase, atop the trail were….


Eh hem, so much for those “No Swimming” signs. This place is a huge swimming hole. I couldn’t take pictures because every single person was in a bathing suit on the rocks. I was already the only wierdo with a camelback backpack, tank, shorts, high socks and trail sneakers. EVERYONE ELSE WAS IN A BATHING SUIT! Even this woman in her 70’s was just straight up in her granny panty NUDE underwear! I thought she was naked! So after spending 5 minutes checking out the falls and feeling like all eyes were on my creepy azz, I bounced.

Whelp Massachusettes, it’s been real. Peace!

On the way back down the trail the majority of the people going up kept asking me how much further. (It was a fairly steep trek up) I kept telling them, “Uhm..you’re almost there…probably another mile and a half.” You guys should’ve seen the look on their faces. Mwahahahahahahahaha (You better click that link!)


You guys didn’t think I’d forgotten the map now did you?!?!?!

Thanks for being patient for this post! I’m working on the next post as we speak. It should be ready in a few days! Until next time….


Peace, love and adventures!










Falling for Watkin

I’m back! Woo! Sorry it’s been so long. I was looking for that inspiration to figure out how to write about such a majestic weekend. Last weekend my girlfriend and I went up to The Finger Lakes in N.Y. She’s from Wisconsin and said she’d always wanted to visit the Finger Lakes. Uhmmm ok..if she wants to go there’s got to be some kool stuff to see. Whelp, she right!!

First stop (and the stop this post is going to be about) was Watkins Glen Falls.

Watkins Glen is small town in upstate N.Y. and has it’s own national park. It’s about a 5 1/2 hour from from where I live on Long Island. Watkins Glens is extremely convenient because you could also camp within the park if you’d like however we opted for a place a little more off the beaten path. (No thanks to the mass amounts of families swarming around yelling at their kids who were yelling back. I SWEAR I don’t hate kids…just the screaming ones and the screaming parents..ugh…bitch don’t kill my vibe). About a 15 minute drive along the shores of Lake Seneca


Ms. Seneca have you been working out? You’re looking so slender 😉

and up one of the most steep hills I’ve ever driven (I’m fairly certain these hills are also called MOUNTAINS!) lies a campground call the Blueberry Patch Campground. It’s nestled within the Finger Lakes National Forest and is first come first serve.

When you pull in, drive around, claim your spot then drive back to the entrance. There are only 10 sites so I highly recommend making staking your claim #1 priority. As for payment, it’s just like Morton. You fill out an envelope, put your cash in and slide it into a big locked container. Best part, it’s only TEN DOLLARS A NIGHT! YEAAAAA BUDDY!! There are 2 outhouses but I do NOT recommend them.They look nice and very large from the outside but I made the mistake of opening the door. No exaggeration, 1000 flies came rushing out. NO-THANK-YOU!!! Grab the biodegradable toilet paper because…“shitter’s full!”



Home sweet home

Now that we’re settled it’s time for some falls! Back into town we go. I believe it was a $10 parking fee to get in. Cash is key when adventuring so always make sure you’ve got some with you in different denominations.

Let’s get down to brass tax. Enough with this and that. First let me say there will be a bunch of pics in this blog but it does NOT do this place justice. Sometimes you cannot capture the beauty of MoNay (Mother Nature – keep up people) with a camera. Which is why I highly recommend you go out and adventure! Our eyes are cameras for our souls. This is how we make memories! It’s frikking magic people!

You enter the park at the bottom of the falls so throughout the journey you’re working your way to the top.


The hole you see in the rock just under the bridge was once attached to a flume that helped power a flour and feed mill. The falls were dammed up to redirect water to flow through the flume. You’ll climb up some beautifully crafted steps and make your way over the bridge in this photo. All in all you will experience 19 falls through out the trail!!!


A pool shaped like a heart?!  

Something that Amber and I marveled at was how smooth the sides of pools were. Hi I’m Water and I will trump Rock any day…just give me a few hundred years…I’ll get there and I will be GRAND!


Cavern Cascade


Behind Cavern Cascade – B.F.F. bandannas unite!!!!

I was going to put descriptions after each photo etc. etc. but neh….I’m a picture book kinda girl so here you go, picture blog time!





There are no filters on any of my photos and although I’m sure it would  “enhance” this or that but I refuse. #sorrynotsorry So much of what we see these days is filtered or altered so much it’s hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t. Well this…this is real.

Through out our hike I thought about the love and care that had to go into creating these structures, these walkways. Granted nature did the work carving out the gorge and fueling the falls but the surrounding areas are man maintained.

You guys, there was one thing that urked me pretty badly while visiting these falls on the mile and a half upward venture….the trash! So many tourists come through here and they just throw their garbage ALL over! This inspired me to add to add the following feature to my blog

Ladies and Gentleman I introduce to you:


This is a one GALLON zip lock bag. I pulled it from my pack not even a 1/4 of the way into our hike. Everything from plastic bottles, tissues stuffed into the sides of the rocks (no that does NOT count as a garbage can), parking ticket stubs, cigarette butts (barf-a-roni), plastic bags, a camera user guide, band aides (*heave!*) and even a….nope ya know what? I’ll spare you guys. This bag was stuffed to the gills by the time we got back down to the bottom it wouldn’t close. Some people asked what I was doing and when they realized they thanked me. I ask of everyone who is reading this blog, when you hike or adventure, keep a zip lock bag in your pack. If you see trash, pick it up. Help keep these amazing places clean. Show respect and lead by example.


Along with falls and trash we came across some neat little creatures.

Left: Tussock Moth caterpillar – This little guy was awesome. He was super bright yellow and had 3-4 little tufts of hair coming off of his back. As adorable as he was and as much as I wanted to just “coochie coochie coo” him, I decided against it. I watch enough Discovery channel to know this dudes probably trouble. After coming home and Google machining him, I was right! These little guys are venomous. Coochie coo him if you’d like some big old itchy welts.

RightGrapeleaf Skeletonizer – excuse me but what?! Sounds terrifying but it’s not. These little guys just eat leaves and leave the leaf veins. Appropriately named.



SNAKE!!!! I dig ya little buddy! We almost stepped on him as he blended in so well on the path (top picture). Across the path and up the rocks he went. Another creature I really wanted to pick up however the ring around his neck left me a bit leary. He’s just a Ring-Necked Snake. Usually they come out at night and feed on amphibians. We were blessed by this little guy’s presence. So thank you Mr. Snake for crossing our path. You’re adorable.

Hmmm this post is missing something. What could it be? Hmmmm….what’s that you say? A MAP!!! You’re correct!


We hiked 4.3 miles up and then back down. As you can see we did a lot of squiggles all over. At times we were spinning in circles trying to take it all in. We were here for 2.5 hours and left when the sun started to go down. This was nice because the crowds had left and our descent was fairly empty. By the time we got back to the car we were one of 5 left. When visiting a place like this I recommend taking your time. It was only 4 miles but we made the most out of it, took our time and experienced everything we wanted.

My dear Watkin, thank you for a magical day.


Until next time,

peace, love and adventures.


This post is dedicated to my mersister, Amber. Thank you for planning such a freeing and inspiring trip for us, for wearing matching outfits (unplanned), having matching shoes (unplanned), for pretending to read the map out loud until those people passed so we could pee in the woods privately and for appreciating every experience we had this day to the fullest. XOXO



A Day of Falls….

Okay okay I know I know! It’s Wednesday! I’m writing this and I told you guys that it’d be ready on Tuesdays by midnight. Well I am soooooorry however I did not want to write an entry when I wasn’t “feeling” it. Then you’ll get some boring, non witty, sub par ramblings that I’ve thrown together. And I want my ramblings to be the MOST par! I don’t want you ever to read anything from here and say “meh…that one sucked.” LOL  I want you guys to always read my blogs and come away with something. Some feeling whether it be a laugh (yea I’ll take just one), a smile, anything. Remember that whole evoking jam I was talking about? (If not you better CATCH UP!) I always want that. Tonight I’m feeling it. So tonight is the night I will share my most recent adventure with you. (Please note it’s now Saturday morning and I am back to feeling this)

(People if you don’t click the links that I strategically place in these blogs you’re MISSING OUT! So remember to click the links to add to the whimsical experience that is….Adventures of an Indoor Plant)

Scene: A large stage with heavy red velvet curtains. Stage is up lit from the pit.

*Curtains pull open. I’m standing center stage with a single spotlight on me and one mic*

This adventure I took alone. I’m not one that likes to do things by herself because I love to share my experiences and see the excitement and light in the other person’s eyes that I’m with.  But I had gotten to a point where I NEEDED to get out. I needed to get out of those 4 walls, out from behind that desk and chair that REALLY hurts my coolie. I needed this alone time, this out.

It’s 6:00am and I’m running around my house trying to remember everything I might need. I have no idea what this place will be like. I just know I saw it online, it’s fairly close and I’m going. I’m driving 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get there but I’m going! I shove a whole bunch of shizzle in a bag, get dressed and in the car I go.

I’m off to Kent Falls in Kent, Connecticut….*elevator music* ……….after some intense chair dancing and very loud terrible singing I am in CT.


Dude! A Giant American flag that lights up at night on the front lawn of a CT FD building. Yes please!


I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day


I mean….seriously. Gorgeous.

It took about 2 hours to get to CT from P-town LI but then another 45 minutes or so to get up into Kent. At one point my Googs Maps was all like “finding location” for a solid 20 minutes. Never in my life have I ever wanted a road map more! I never want to be at the mercy of some stupid piece of technology. How do you think I got around when I was fresh out of high school? ROAD MAPS! Google Maps wasn’t even a thing on a phone! *If she doesn’t know life before Google Maps she’s too young for you bro* And no I didn’t have a GPS. (I’m pissed I sold my Corsica – Google that kids they don’t even make them anymore- with my maps in it! Every trip I’ve ever done plotted out….memmmmories). Either way, I made it.


Here’s something you kiddies should always do before going somewhere….GOOGLE IT and actually read about the place! I just drove a few hours to come to this little state park. I don’t like to plan. I just like to go. Sometimes that isn’t the best but hey whatever. What I am good at is making the best out of situations. So let’s do this.

I pulled into the parking lot and since it was a Friday at 9:30ish am there was no charge. I’ve read online that they charge any where from $10 – $15. Honestly if I were a resident and I was charged $15 for this place I’d be piiiiiiiissed.

Sidenote to canine owners: This place IS dog friendly. You can also have your dog off leash if you want. 

There is a little parking lot that was empty aside from a pick up truck with 2 men in their 70s, dressed in full fishing gear talking about the good ol days. This instantly made me smile.


Picnic area directly in front of parking area



Little walk way into the park. There was graffiti all over it. One of the most prominent ones being “# Not TRUMP.” First of all this is not an electronic device thus your hashtag is rendered useless here. And second how about don’t be a douche. Seriously…don’t.


The inside of the walk over

I don’t understand why they don’t paint over the inside of the barn walk over. It’s covered in graffiti. How much could BROWN paint really be? I don’t know but the view through the windows inside to out was pretty.

After you walk through the barn walk way the falls are right there. It was extremely anti climactic. When I think waterfalls I think massive rock features with thousands of gallons of water overflowing down into a big beautiful pool filled with mermaids. Oh wait…well yea. That’s what I think of.

These falls are more like steps with small pools at each and when the pool overflows it creates the next fall. We had a big rain a few days before so I was hoping that would attribute to greater falls. Not so much.


Here you are. Kent Falls. *weemp womp*


A view from above along the path. Ok ok this is a little better.

Ok ok ok let me be the first to say….there were no mermaids. *sigh* However there were man made steps that lead upwards to get better views of the falls. These views were much better.

The paths were steep. I was thinking of bringing Rufio here however I’m glad I didn’t he wouldn’t have been able to hack the steps. Larger dogs would have no problem but he’s a pug so…there’s that.

Now I had planned for a few hours of hiking some trails so I was ready to go. Got my hydration and my trail shoes and my anti tick ‘Murica socks. Nothing could stop me!

Except for this…


Yep, that’s a road. Why a road you ask? Oh well because the park is right in between some major roads and thus your trails just stop. You don’t even get to go that far. I would say it’s a half a mile TOPS from the falls to this dead end. There was no where else for me to go except back. This is where some planning would’ve really been helpful.

I “hiked” back along the trail and when it split I went upward. The trails were nice and clear. There was this kool rock wall that ran along the trail. It reminded me of something from an old war movie where enemy troops were walking along the trail and then HIYA American troops jump the wall and attack. A great battle ensues and of course we win because….well….’Murica.


Upward also led me back to the falls. There was no where else to go. There was yet another road that led on to private property that wasn’t even somewhere I could wander into “unknowingly” as it was legit someone’s front lawn -_-

So I made my way to the creek that started at the top of the falls, crossed and setup shop to meditate, read and relax a bit. Nothing like some Rumi and Flossy to help you go inward.

About this time it was between 11 and 12 and I started to hear more noise. Much more noise. This is the time that the families start coming with their kids. I had my little camp setup on the other side of the creek away from everyone but apparently where I crossed was the opportune path for EVERYONE to cross. I look up and there is a tiny human standing practically on my towel telling me how easy it was for him to cross the creek and how his Dad needs water shoes. I look over and there’s Dad, Mom and little sister all coming across. Ugh. That’s my queue. Seriously though there were SO many other rocks to walk over to make it to the other side but for SOME reason multiple families had zero regard for me and practically stepped on me on their way over. (Not even exaggerating). Remember how I said the park was dog friendly? Please insert 2 medium to large sized dogs per family, off leash, blazing through the creek and over to me to then SHAKE while saying hi. Strange but this I didn’t mind, they were cute and so happy to be playing in the shallow water. After playing with a few of them I packed up my things and headed back across the creek…..


making my way down the steps towards the entrance of the park. What are we missing from this blog entry ladies and gents?!?!?! That’s right! A MAP!


Here’s the area…and zombie me. She follows me everywhere!

This place didn’t GRAB me and give me overwhelming feelings of awe and wonder but all in all it was a beautiful day. The park, although extremely tiny, had it’s charm. If you choose to check it out I recommend getting there before noon and also having other adventure spots on your itinerary for the day as this one will only satisfy a couple of hours. This adventure wasn’t what I thought it would be however I made the best of it and had a delightful morning just the same.

Peace, love and adventures.




Sometimes 1 view will do…

Oooooh boy do I have some adventures coming up for you ladies and gents! Can’t wait!!!

In the meantime this blog post is going to be about a very small place I visited here on the island. I never knew about it (shocker) nor did I think such a tiny trail could pack such a punch.

Let me introduce to you, the David Weld Sanctuary!

This property was donated by Mr. and Mrs. David Weld, two conservationists, between 1969 and 1979. Normally the sanctuary is open from 9am to 5pm or dawn to dusk but be sure to check the times online before going as sometimes the closing time is pushed up to 3pm. I’ve read this is done on occasion to try to stop vandalism such as in the picture below:


Obviously it should say “WELD” but people suck. This is my message to you…DON’T BE A DOUCHE! (also this is not my picture, when I went this hadn’t happened yet)

In looking online I find conflicting information with regards to exactly what town it’s located in. There seems to be a back and forth from St. James to Nissequogue. I’m going to go with Nissequogue just because that’s what the Google machine seems to show. I know you guys are waiting in anticipation sooooo *drum roll* here’s a map:


And look! There’s me! In my kayak! Bahahaha! Kidding I didn’t kayak there BUT what’s a map on this blog without zombie me in a kayak?! IT’S NOTHING THAT’S WHAT!

As you can see this wonderful little gem is tucked away up on Long Island’s north shore directly on the water. (South Shore I promise I’ll show you some love….eventually…step up your game! Pshh). Before I get into the sanctuary itself there’s some information you must know before going.

  1. Parking is free – there is free parking located on Boney Lane. This is where the entrance to the sanctuary is.
  2. THERE’S ONLY SIX PARKING SPOTS! – yep you heard me correctly! SIX! Technically there are 8 (woah let’s not get too crazy) but the 2 additional spots are reserved. Parking around this area is taken VERY seriously. There is ZERO parking allowed ANYWHERE on the street. You 100% will get a ticket if you try your luck. So ask yourself……
  3. Have a plan B – If there’s no parking then it just wasn’t meant to be. Unless you want to chill out a bit and see if anyone  is leaving but then again I’m sure you can find better ways to waste your day other than driving around a snooty north shore neighborhood like….legitimately ANYTHING else.

Moving on…

The trail itself is only a little over a mile and it’s a loop. So if you’re a beginner, just want to go for a nice stroll or legit can’t walk to far this is the perfect little slice of heaven to wander around. (Uhm…beginner? Beginner what Val?! Walker? So I’m assuming maybe you’re a toddler, yes this is the perfect trail for a toddler because you’re just learning how to walk….this is why I shouldn’t blog at night LOL delirium!)

Do NOT bring your toddlers here (or dogs – no dogs allowed) but DO bring bug spray because you will become a smorgasbord for mosquitoes. Or just be sure to go with someone mosquitoes like more than you.

Just like at Buffalo Wild Wings you can sit up high or down low. I chose to stay up high on this little walkabout. The trails weren’t crazy wide or anything. Staying in the middle of the path obviously alleviates the possibilities of crawly creatures using you as a human Uber.

The good news is, since parking is basically impossible there is NO one there. You may bump into one or two people but other than that it’s as if this place is yours! As with all trails it’s important to be very quiet. The sanctuary is packed with wild life.

2015-08-22 14.17.55

This fawn was hanging out in the bush with her mom and other sibling. They didn’t seem to mind me too much.

2015-08-22 15.40.45

A chipmunk just chillin’ checking me out. Weld is not like Morton and this little guy was not looking for sunflower seeds from me…

D.W.S. is a tiny treasure trove of peace and full of different kinds of vegetation. I’ve read online that there is a tulip tree which is the tallest tree recorded on Long Island. I didn’t know this before going there so I have no pics #sorrynotsorry. You’ve also got a red maple canopy (aka big maple trees), with young alders (a flowering plant belonging to the birch family, mainly black birch at the D.W.S.), spicebush, and viburnums (Google this there are many different kinds) making up the lower brush.

Top left: Alders – Black Birch, Bottom Left: Spicebush -Neither of these 2 are my pics but I wanted you guys to get an idea of what’s growing here.

Right – I have no idea but it was pretty so I took a picture of it 🙂

Now if you’re going to stay up top there is one thing that you MUST do. Check out the view!


This is my favorite picture of all time. I’m standing at the edge of a 50ft bluff. It drops straight down and yet I look like I’m standing at the edge of a lake.

Dude, this view is unreal. This looks right out to “Smithtown Bay” *eye roll* Come on…let’s be real, it’s the friggin Long Island Sound. See that land ho straight across? That’s Connecticut. Bada Bing There is a bench conveniently located behind the camera on the right so you can take a seat and enjoy. I did just that while the deer (pictured previously) rummaged through the thick all around. Since there were many flowering plants there were also a ton of butterflies. So have a seat, enjoy the peacefulness and check out that view!

Below there is a beach that you can visit and climb on massive boulders (deposited from receding/melting glaciers – how do you think the hills of the North Shore were created and where do you think all the rocks came from – GLACIERS! Bro get on my LEVEL! I’ll get into that another day). But since I did not visit the beach I will have to go back, adventure and report back to you guys.

Hope you enjoyed this little slice of heaven and plan to check it out yourselves.

Peace, love and adventures!

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